Keebags Group Buy

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Since joining the keyboard community in 2015, I have always strived to keep my keyboards in showroom condition. In early 2016, I commissioned a UK manufacturer to develop a handful of different sized bags for my own personal use. They’ve homed every board I own and serve a fantastic purpose for storage and transit.

Round one of the Keebag group buy
Round one of the Keebag group buy

With hundreds of bags already sold, the Keebag is a tried and tested method of protecting your keyboard. With a vast choice of colours and sizes, you’ll be sure to find a Keebag to suit your boards.

Our group buy prices are detailed below.

Item Dimensions (mm) Price
Keebag Strap N/A £7.00
40% 250x95x45 £27.00
40%-2 250x95x90 £32.00
60% 300x110x45 £28.00
60%-2 300x110x90 £33.00
75% 320x130x50 £29.00
75%-2 320x130x100 £34.00
TKL 370x150x50 £30.00
TKL-2 370x150x100 £35.00
Ergo 230x220x90 £33.00
Mini 160x130x90 £33.00
1800 410x190x50 £32.00
3000 480x200x50 £35.00
Trump’s Wall 550x210x40 £35.00

More information about the Keebag and our Keebag group buys can be found in the FAQ.