What's the group buy status?

Last updated 16th November 2018.

Round one of the group buy is currently in progress. The Keebags have arrived. Orders under 2kg will ship this weekend (17-18th Nov), orders over 2kg (including the US proxy order) will ship early next week.

Keebag Round 1 Shipment

What do Keebags do?

If you believe that your keyboards deserve protection whilst in transit or between uses, measure them up and find a Keebag to fit. Offered in an array of sizes and colours with padded foam lining, tough velcro and strong D-rings, these bags offer both form and function. They're handmade in Britain too.

Keebags are sized generously. This means that the measurements provided are the smallest that your Keebag will be. Measurements provided are internal Keebag measurements.

How do the cases for two keyboards work?

Between the two keyboards is additional padding like this, in order to prevent damage to one-another.

Are there proxies for this group buy?

Donutcat over at Donut Cables in the US was our proxy for round one. Please observe the Donut Cables Ts & Cs.

What happened to maroon and black?

Our supplier was unable to provide these colours so we are offering red and grey Keebags instead. A sample of the grey can be seen here.

I'm having difficulties with my order

Please contact me by email or on Reddit at /u/pizza_is_a_lie if you have any further problems. Alternatively, for round one orders placed with Donut Cables, please contact Donutcat.