What's the group buy status?

Last updated 11th January 2019.

The group buy is currently not active, awaiting further development.

Alas has developed a wonderfully fitting and true-to-form case for the ASK55. Initial prototypes have been received. I'm now currently finalising the material properties which we will opt for, in order to deliver the best looking yet hardest wearing case.

The M0116 and Mac Portable plates are complete and accurate. All other plates (M0118, M0330, both NeXT (non-ADB), IIc and IIc Plus) have been drafted and require testing. Further plate prototypes will be ordered in metal once capital is available.

Yiancar will be developing a dedicated QMK-compatible PCB for the ASK55 once the plates are finalised.

Stay tuned.

What is the ASK55?

Have you ever considered making a 60% out of that broken Apple keyboard you salvaged only to find that the keycaps won't fit an ordinary 60% PCB? Look no further.

ASK55 Plate Prototype C

With one universal QMK-compatible PCB, a choice of plates and a very special case, the ASK55 will reinvent the 14.5u layout.

The ASK55 will offer direct support for Alps layouts including the M0116, M0118, M0330, Apple IIc/IIc Plus, NeXT AAE/ABP (non-ADB) and Mac Portable.