What's the group buy status?

Last updated 31st May 2019.

The group buy is currently not active, awaiting further development. However, prototypes of the non-final version of the case are available here. The final polycarbonate case will be frosted, as per the second image, but with rounded, Apple-esque corners.

We have developed a wonderfully fitting and true-to-form case for the ASK55. Initial prototypes have been received but they are not up the standard which I would like to deliver. The case will be offered in polycarbonate; we may also produce the cases using aluminium. Pictures will follow, once I am happy with the outcome of the prototypes.

7 of the 8 plates are complete and accurate; I require an M0118 keyset to be able to assess the layout. If you would like to lend this to us, please get in touch.

I recognise that progress is slow on the ASK55 however quality and attention to detail is key.

Yiancar will be developing a dedicated QMK-compatible PCB for the ASK55. Plate files have been forwarded to him.

Stay tuned.

What is the ASK55?

Have you ever considered making a 60% out of that broken Apple keyboard you salvaged only to find that the keycaps won't fit an ordinary 60% PCB? Look no further.

With one universal QMK-compatible PCB, a choice of plates and a very special case, the ASK55 will reinvent the 14.5u layout.

The ASK55 will offer direct support for Alps layouts including the M0116, M0118, M0330, Apple IIc/IIc Plus, NeXT AAE/ABP (non-ADB) and ANSI Mac Portable.