What's the group buy status?

Last updated 28th July 2019.

The end (or the start) is nigh. In the meantime, renders showcasing a few variants of our case are available here.

We have developed a wonderfully fitting and true-to-form case for the ASK55. The case will be offered in polycarbonate and space grey aluminium. Our fifth prototype is currently being manufactured and pictures will be made available once we are satisfied with what we receive.

All 8 plates have been developed, manufactured and proof-tested. A ninth plate for the IIc with an additional 1u key on the bottom row has also been developed.

Yiancar has developed a dedicated QMK-compatible PCB for the ASK55, complete with QMK Toolbox support. All default layouts have been drafted and are ready for submission.

Stay tuned.

What is the ASK55?

In Summer 2018, I fell in love with the Apple M0116 keyboards and layouts. I explored the options available to make a modern, sleek keyboard using the gorgeous keycaps and Alps switches. There was nothing readily available, unlike for the AEKII. After quickly realising that a regular 60% case for the Alps64 wasn't going to cut it, the ASK55 was born.

With one universal QMK-compatible PCB, a choice of plates and a special three-piece, case mount constructed case, the ASK55 will reinvent the 14.5u layout.

The ASK55 will offer direct support for Alps layouts including the M0116, M0118, M0330, Apple IIc/IIc Plus, NeXT AAE/ABP (non-ADB) and ANSI Mac Portable.

How will the group buy operate?

In order to ensure that this group buy is affordable and in-line with other group buys within the hobby, we'll be operating an MOQ of 10 for each component. This includes the: aluminium swoop top, flat top and bottom; polycarbonate swoop top, flat top and bottom; brass and stainless steel 1.2mm brushed plates and the PCB.

You'll notice that the plates have MOQs based on material only and not material and design. This means that we don't need to sell x number of brass M0116 plates to hit a design-specific MOQ as each layout will contribute to the material MOQ. All in all, I'm incredibly confident that we'll smash this number!

Furthermore, you'll be able to purchase complete ASK55 kits and/or individual components and price breaks will be available for kits.

Upon ordering, you will be charged the price based on an MOQ of 10. Once the ordering phase is concluded, you will be refunded the difference between the initial price and the final price break achieved for the kit(s) you have ordered. The quantity of each component within a kit contributes to the price break, not just the number of that particular kit sold; this includes individual component sales! The price break for each kit will be based on the total units sold of the lowest component.