Customisable DIY USB Cables

Design and build a cable to suit your build. Each kit will come with everything you need to make your ideal cable. Each component has been specifically selected to make building one of our cables completely stress-free.

All of our connectors (except USB-C) are entirely solderless, making the build process even easier.

Choose from a selection of US 550 paracord colours and lengths plus an assortment of heatshrink colours, shown here. Our heatshrink is offered in two varieties: thicc and regular. Thicc heatshrink is adhesive lined and less flexible.

Carbon Techflex double braiding is also available.

Solid 4-core cable will also be supplied and cut to length. Each USB connector features a robust metal housing. Both long and short USB-A adapters are offered, depending on your preferred aesthetic. All of our adapters meet USB 2.0 specifications, including USB-C.

Want to know how it’s done? Visit the cable guide for more information.

Example cables can be found here.