What’s the latest?

All development (cases, plates and PCB) is complete.

Register your interest for the ASK55 launch here.

How will the group buy operate?

In order to ensure that this group buy is affordable and in-line with other group buys within the hobby, we’ll be operating an MOQ of 10 for each component. This includes the: aluminium swoop top, flat top and bottom; polycarbonate swoop top, flat top and bottom; brass and stainless steel 1.2mm brushed plates and the PCB.

You’ll notice that the plates have MOQs based solely on the material. This means that we don’t need to sell x number of plates of a specific layout in order to hit each MOQ. These MOQs should be achieved with ease.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to purchase complete ASK55 kits and/or individual components.

Preliminary prices appear to range between $350-$550 (USD) depending on the materials chosen. Personal events mean that this group buy is temporarily suspended. Rest assured, prices will be clarified and the product will launch.